I count my blessings the day I discovered Emmanuella and Frenchtown Healing. CranioSacral work was recommended to me for the type of nerve damage I was experiencing. I had an initial three sessions spaced a week apart. With each progressive week, I changed and healed under the loving hands and guidance of a highly skilled and intuitive practitioner. I am telling all my friends and colleagues about Emmanuella. I am so very grateful for a wondrous discovery and transformational experience!

Jacqueline F.


Frenchtown Healing is true to its name. Emmanuella’s incredible skills and expertise continually heal me on many different levels.

Paul B.


I am so fortunate to have discovered frenchtownhealing.com. I sought out Emmanuella primarily for her energy work to address spiritual and emotional healing.  Each session with her is different, as she tunes in to my energy in the moment.  I can literally feel energetic movement in my body as she works on me, and I leave feeling a shift that results in an overall balance in my entire being. 

Emmanuella is a kind, compassionate, and professional practitioner who provides a truly unique and powerful experience of both energetic and physical healing.  I consider her a treasure!

Linda R.

 I had been going to a corporate massage spa for almost two years. I then searched for a massage therapist closer to where I live. After some research, I found Emmanuella at Frenchtown Healing. I’ve been there several times and after each session I have felt relief from pain, from stress and felt relaxed. Emmanuella is very knowledgeable about what she does. She pinpoints the exact muscles that need to be worked on to help my body feel well again. The price of my body feeling really good again because of someone like Emmanuella is better than just going to any random place where they just go through the motions. Now I have a massage therapist that really helps me feel well again and I’m able to be pain free around my family. These massages have been the best I’ve had, thank you so much.
John N. 


Regarding Emmanuella's healing arts for body/mind/spirit. She is the real deal.  She is the most thorough massage therapist I have ever had.  Her hands were born for it!  There is something about her presence which instills a peace and calm the minute you walk into the room.  I had a chronic neck/shoulder ache, which she took care of in two sessions.  Even if I don’t need her for a specific pain, she intuitively senses where the tensions are hidden beneath.

Business had been slow and I was desperate.  I had never heard of space clearing before and Emmanuella suggested it.

She took her time going through the space with a graceful intensity, finding every nook and cranny and giving it light and sound vibrations and positive energy.  Needless to say, the next day I sold a high priced original painting, which opened the floodgates to a robust selling year.  I passed the word to the other shop owners and they followed suit.  We were running around the town exclaiming how amazing this space clearing was!  She has since cleared the space for my new gallery in New Hope, and my new home.

I highly recommend Emmanuella for all of the healing arts.  You will not be disappointed!
Jessie K.