Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


Biodyamic Craniosacral Therapy

is a form of bodywork/energy work that is very gentle, extremely relaxing, deeply connecting and settles the nervous system. BCST taps into the body’s innate wisdom to heal itself. In this work we focus on the wholeness and health of the individual, the body then reorganizes and rebalances itself affecting the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the individual. Each individual’s body responds in whichever way it needs to in order to rebalance itself. Although this work is subtle, it affects the individual very deeply. Every aspect of the session is part of the healing process: the presence of the client and practitioner, the relational field between them, the safe environment that supports and contains the work, the natural world which resources, and the conscious intelligence that resides within all levels of existence. 

 In 1948, Dr. Sutherland DO, at 76, had the most influential discovering while his hands were on his client, he realized there was a force inherent in fluids, whether Cerebral Spinal Fluid or not, this force was making the correction being made inside the body, the biodynamic body emerged, located in every fluid of the body, merely observing the correction being made inside of the body and thus biodynamic model was born. There are inherent forces doing the work inside the body and the therapist holds reverence, respect and space.  -  Michael Shea BCVT

Biodynamic has evolved Sutherland's work in the realm he was most fascinated with the last few years of his life, the wisdom in fluids. It also honors stillness and the Taoist understanding that what needs to happen will happen if we create an open, non-directive field. When given an open space, the human body and the soul's wisdom will rise to the highest good for body and soul."  -  Hugh Milne, DO